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The (not so) Inner Whinings of an Impatient Rambler

So, this is kind of scary. Blogging is not something I have ever ever done or thought I would do, and I'm a little wary (tee hee that rhymes). Exposing my inner workings to the general public is a little bit terrifying, but who knows? Maybe I'll end up liking it...

More than likely, there will be a lot of useless jibber jabber that crosses my mind, and for that I apologize and hope that no one wastes his or her time reading it. But c'est la vie! Little things bother me, and this is where I'm going to get them off my chest.

  1. I'm bad at this...

    by , 03-14-2009 at 02:19 AM (The (not so) Inner Whinings of an Impatient Rambler)
    So, I knew when I started this whole blog thing that it was going to be a dud because I've never been the "record what's on your mind" type. I tried keeping diaries when I was younger, but it did absolutely nothing for me. The first entry would always be the introduction to my present self, which was always exactly the same because I am almost entirely the same person I was when I was 8.

    I still love horses
    I still love music
    I still love to read
    I ...
  2. Racking up Sisters

    by , 03-08-2009 at 12:24 AM (The (not so) Inner Whinings of an Impatient Rambler)
    I just received some AWESOME news...

    My brother is engaged!


    This is my second brother (I have three, all older than I), and he's the second to be married. My eldest brother was married this past summer, and now there's going to be a wedding the summer of 2010.

    I have no idea what to expect with this one though- my brother is technically Roman Catholic, and his fiance (weird..I hate that word) is Muslim. I've just learned, though, ...

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  3. Ode to a Singing Toaster

    by , 03-02-2009 at 07:07 PM (The (not so) Inner Whinings of an Impatient Rambler)
    There's nothing clever or metaphorical about my title here. I actually own a singing toaster, and today, it died.

    It's pretty much the best toaster ever. Ready to find out the shocking truth about how I'm really five years old? My toaster has a picture of Cinderella on the side, toasts an imprint of a glass slipper into the bread, and sings a waltz when the toast pops up. And I'm not afraid to admit it! This toaster is one of the highlights of my house. It's a part of the tour when ...

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