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  1. Something (attempting to be) Profound. For Virgil :D

    In many of his books, the famous Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky lays out, in fiction, ideas that he has struggled through and resolved. In The Brothers Karamazov, his classic novel of ideas, he boldly explores several philosophical issues by creating a dialogue between each side. Especially in books V and VI, he deals with the question of what it means to love humanity by a dialogue between Ivan and Alyosha. In the two chapters, two understandings of both love and humility and their interactions ...

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  2. Am I back? Maybe. This is mostly about Harry Potter, btw.

    I turned twenty a little over a month ago. I think twenty DOES feel different from the teenage years, although that's probably psychological. However, I do think I turned into an adult somewhere in the past school year. The change isn't really earth-shattering or radical or anything, but I like it.

    Heh. I was praying and thinking this morning and realized I wanted to blog but somehow fell out of the mood. I wanted to talk about how I've changed, what I've learned about myself over ...
  3. I'm in a writery mood today

    Have you ever remembered a dream that you had, and then it won't leave you the rest of the day?

    "I dreamed that I carried someone,
    But I forgot I dreamed until the jolt of remembered memory stole my breath away, like the silence of snowfall.
    There was a man and he leaned on me. I
    still feel him in my arms.
    And all today the phantom has remained by my side
    like the rose upon the rood of time.
    I offer this poem as homage - and
    to ...
  4. Old Devil Rain

    Step outside and blow a raspberry
    under my umbrella.
    Trudge all the way to Founders'
    and shake myself like a dog because
    my umbrella's too cheap.
    Sit in class, miffed at needing artificial light at 12:20 PM.
    Class over. Outside, and sigh again.
    Huff another sigh, and close my umbrella.
    "Look here, you!" Fist shaking at the sky.
    "You're dismal and depressing and make me miserable. ...
  5. Frankenstein

    Just curious...what do you think about him? I'm reading him for Western Lit II currently, and writing a paper on it. I read it over the summer and enjoyed it, but now upon rereading...I think Victor Frankenstein is a melodramatic jerk.
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