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  1. Goodbye

    Goodbye forum.
  2. Appomattox

    Surrender was the straw of hope
    and took it up they did. Battalion
    vaunts up and rose but pomp
    was clouded in. A flame lit immoral
    befitting rise in passion,
    leading rants on Yankees
    to cook their pride in sin.
    But where mind at will
    gives thought to fort and citadel
    is built, a tyrant will annex
    but feel his soul burn like cinders.
    A change of season
    and fortune brought
    from middle-west,
    a defense ...
  3. A Globe on my Ledge

    From my cat napping on a ledge
    the world is aeon cotton string
    and rigid people are swatting critters
    in their selfish phrases.
    the ledge leans
    in my balmy kitchen
    with olive sprinkled brocolli
    as stars that wink Wisconsin Corn
    to a crescent, sun-down sleep

    my shutting
    fridge, disinterested
    with all the lowly livings
    whose bloated tummies
    pang the counter tossing olives
    are the irises of infants ...

    Anti Micro-Wrath Protection

    Itís your duty to know the danger...:

    itís as big as small as
    big in all society... or
    as big as small as big
    is in society.
    (Either way itís bad. Get it. You need it. You know it.) TM
    Iím couchant by my yester-week hide,
    guaranteed seclude
    from micro-wrath:

    a euphemism of societal wrath, its worst at that,
    brewed with macro in micro version,
    taught ...
  5. Another poem

    My Fog: The Moral Cleaner

    I sat in a sunset's dip of glean;
    its pre-rain trickles dressed in form
    to wash my shoulder's decked forlorn--

    just like a friend on whose shoulder you lean,
    When adversity is a face in all that you've seen,
    It seeped up my woe in an evil conform,
    and flung it to the turbulent crest of a storm.

    My whims were unleashed in melodious green,
    Spare sockets of fog rising pupils doth showed, ...
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