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  1. Midnight Relaxation

    I am one with the community. Butts are used for toilets. Leaving out a 't' in that word has left my dictionary. I am a man without a father, with the infinitely small soul of a piece of sap ready to flood the terraces of banality at any point. When there is no call for alarm, help is granted by a 6th sense outside of sight, taste, touch, sound and smell. I drift languidly in the night as a stalker of atoms and grasshoppers. The latter bounces through the wind to my blessed canal of wax and somehow ...
  2. BlaaauhhH! How ya like me Now!?

    Grades came in early and I got 4 A's and 1 B! I guess letters on a page adequately compensate for sleep deprivation, weight loss, and vagaries. What I lack in monetary debt (thank God mum's got cheddar!) I gain in being a caged rat at my mother's abode for a decade. At least there'll be plenty of cheddar for this rat! This calls for a poem!


    [F]ree are we to express beliefs
    [U]nder the halo of impartiality
    [C]ollege is wonderful since ...
  3. Trying to Promote the Writing of 'Poetic Music'!

    This is one of the first rap (poetically inspired) rhymes I have ever written. I would love to write lyrics for underground hip hop artists on YouTube, Hip Hop forums, and other creative venues who do not care for money/fame etc... It is just a hobby. I do not want to make ANY money from my lyrics and I am not a ‘rapper’ so I can’t deliver them well. If anyone knows of someone who would like to collaborate with me, I’d be more than happy to write more.

    Working Title: An Underground ...
  4. First Blog in a Little over 5 years!!! Allow me to Reintroduce Myself!

    Howdy, My name is Mark
    I live in front of a park
    i take walks in the dark
    i have the voice of a lark
    my opinion is stark
    im about to embark
    the ark
    of introducing myself again, I said it's Mark!

    Ok... so that OFFICIALLY is the worst rhyme I've ever written.

    Now on to the goods...

    I live by my self-improvised motto: My hide hides the heart inside. My exterior conveys an enigma. Average to ...
  5. Voila!

    I have transiently returned after my abrupt hiatus from the forums. I'll be snooping in these parts from time to time .
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