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  1. Returning to LitNet

    This was a pretty though year so I wasn't around a lot. Mostly I was posting in the BookClub threads and I was taking long leaves of absence After the last one I am a bit confused - I found so many interesting changes.

    I am glad I am back, because I actually missed this place, but it turns out I don't know a lot about it any more. The new members for example - there are so many new users (don't get me wrong this is great , i am just in some strange ...
  2. Some Questions

    Well, I finally finish the letter of thanks. Now I am freeeeeeee!!! (at least till I realize I have to study for Monday)

    The reason to bore you to death once again with my blog is that I finished The Stranger (what a impressing deed, the book has only 95 pages ). Any way, this reading left me with the irresistible desire to write (for your unhappiness). That way it reflect my thoughts was too much normal in its appropriation. Like usually with similar books I think only for it, ...

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  3. A strange mood

    I have always wanted to have a blog, so why not here? I donít think I am going to post here my new short stories, only because I am too lazy to translate them on English. Still, there are some days when I have a need to write and then I shall write down my thoughts here. If you donít find it boring to read the thoughts of one teenager, please, read.
    So letís start todayÖ
    There are so many things I want to say and not to say. For instance I am scared to death by the idea I have to ...