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  1. a sonnet!

    Unfathomed shape treading a misty trail,
    bloodhound that makes no sound following souls,
    with icicled hood, at each step, full sail,
    the reaper stiffens victims, filling holes.
    His scythe, winterís slicing metallic vein,
    rattles as it falls still limbs white with snow,
    scattering the cold interwoven skein
    from boughs rankled as their raw fibers show.
    Grim advocate for what is seldom known,
    that life's form is like a spiral seashell, ...
  2. My Philosophy of Teaching

    an essay for my application to teacher ed.

    My Philosophy of Teaching

    As a secondary education English teacher, I would like to guide students to become motivated readers and writers who are capable of critical thought toward both ideas presented by others and those they hold themselves. An education in the literary arts provides students with essential skills to enrich both their everyday lives as individuals and their ability to perform in a competitive ...
  3. help with a lesson plan

    I'm currently planning a lesson to do with 4th-6th graders as part of a practicum in my Education program at university. I was hoping to select a poem that is very descritive to read to the kids as they draw what they see through the words. My initial idea was to use Coleridge's "Kubla Kahn," but I've since decided that this will probably be too difficult a poem for 4th-6th graders (based on experience I've had with 'em).

    I'm looking for something that won't be too easy, ...
  4. Bumblebees

    Thick black floating orbs,
    stretching in swift rotation
    the garden routine,
    to doze in petalled beauty
    having their fill of nectar.

    What delight to be
    draggling in odorous bliss,
    alike to the wind
    in a wayfaring circuit
    abreast a personal whim.

    Do these creatures know
    the envy their motion stirs,
    or that their feeding
    burdens my listless brow
    with a penitent emotion?

    So ...
  5. Shaded Reflection

    Shaded Reflection

    A semblance play of myself
    this shadow sprung from the slanted sun,
    the grey sidelong profile
    stretched across the grassy stage,
    leaning aside by leaden rays.

    Eclipse of my shape that dims the ground,
    accident of the angular beams
    conformed by the orient sky,
    an ornament of the earthen reply,
    the dusky reflection that opens the void,
    the double print impalpable.

    Is this ...
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