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  1. The long awaited Trip to Canada blog (here it is virgil)

    by , 04-13-2010 at 12:09 PM (Away with the Fairies- The Travel Diary of an Irish WebFairy)
    So i've been very tardy with blogging in the last few months and never got around to blogging about my trip to Canada to see Kilted!

    I got there late on the saturday and Kilted and his lovely mam picked me up from the airport. (Yep! I met his mother for the first time after hours of travelling and flying, tried, sweaty and cranky... she still liked me. ) We took a quick stop off in Orangeville for food in the Swiss Chalet (is that right?) and i had my first sloppy. When i saw ...

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  2. College, Mortgage rubbish and getting excited!

    by , 04-09-2010 at 07:12 PM (Away with the Fairies- The Travel Diary of an Irish WebFairy)
    So I just realised its been a long time since i last blogged. I never even blogged about my trip to canada! Shocking. In a nutshell... It was fantastic!
    Anyway... whats been going on in my life?
    Where do i start!
    College. College has been going great! I've gotten some really good marks (bar one ) so far and i'm happy with it.
    TMA01 i got 79%, TMA02 i got 82%, TMA03 i got 81%, TMA04 i got 52% (Misread the question), TMA05 i got 78% and i just submitted TMA06. Some

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  3. Back online!

    by , 01-18-2010 at 05:35 PM (Away with the Fairies- The Travel Diary of an Irish WebFairy)
    Hey everyone! have you missed me?
    teh last six weeks have been very very stressful for me. My wonderful laptop more or less kicked the bucket at the beginning of December and after six weeks of trying to get her fixed, i had to buy a new one. My new laptop is nice but its just not my old one!
    So much has gone on since i was last properly online. My Uncle Bernard who has lived in Vancouver for over 40 years came to stay. It was his first time in Ireland in 18 years! He
  4. One by one... only the good die young...

    by , 11-24-2009 at 07:50 PM (Away with the Fairies- The Travel Diary of an Irish WebFairy)
    So now that i've calmed down thanks to the great talent of my wonderful other half, i need to get whats wrong off my chest.
    a couple of fridays ago i found out from my mam that my Auntie Cora had been given a few days. She has Overian cancer in a secondary stage. She was let home last week, but my dad hasnt been allowed to see her. She has been suffering from it for over a year, and had a short remission period... but obviously it didnt last. I've been basically waiting to hear about her ...
  5. Three years on...

    by , 11-18-2009 at 10:10 AM (Away with the Fairies- The Travel Diary of an Irish WebFairy)
    So tomorrow i'll have been a member of litnet for three years. wow! where did those years go!
    My time here on litnet has been a loving one, bar a short period that personally i wont talk about. Has nothing to do with my good friends here.

    This time three years ago i was feeling very lonely and rather sorry for myself. I was sick with pneumonia and out of work for about two weeks at this point. Had been more or less couped up in my bedroom and had no visitors. I got very ...

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