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    [QUOTE=;bt6190]Personally, I trust people because I want to be trusted in return. I do believe in the good of other people, perhaps because I am optimistic that everyone has a sense of good within them. I have trusted people who have lied to me, once I came to the root of why the dishonesty happened and dealt with my emotions on the issue. I have trust in people because the world can be a lonely place and I don't want to be alone.[/QUOTE]
    I agree
    Its important to trust others as you would also want to be trusted
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    Kilted should present a ring soon or is that already dong in another post? Or is that implied and I missed the reference somewhere in meeting her parents (where her mom puts out a celebration caliber spread for the eloped couple) and going off to niamh's place for dinner and a movie - without any mention of disapproval by her mother. Or, in a later entry, does the story of fairy tale traditional offer of a ring and a glorious wedding ensue? Else-wise, it might be good timing to present a ring and not risk the danger of another (local) admirer - enter stage left - and advice to niamh by her trusted circle of friends turn Kilted's fate? A familiar theme.
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    oh he knows that Rich!
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    As long as you continue to remember you are not worthy of her you'll be fine. Here's the best to you.
  5. qimissung's Avatar
    You sound...contented. and what a lovely sound that is. Be happy, the two of you.
  6. Virgil's Avatar
    Fabulous! Good luck on finding a job.
  7. Scheherazade's Avatar
    All the best, Kilted
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    I'm very happy for you both.
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    All the best for the future ahead.
  10. Niamh's Avatar
    anyone else getting ads for tartans and kilts? 6 days to go!
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    I enjoyed my job, it was the best job I have ever had - but I am ecstatic in the knowledge that I am trading a job for a life.
    That is a GREAT quote and the one Scher highlighted is very good too. Best wishes to you both. Are you keeping your house in Canada? I seemed to remember you owned a house. If you can rent it, it might pay for most of the mortgage.
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    I liked "trading a job for a life." I hate to tell you, my friend, but I think Niamh has already eaten all of the cream eggs.
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    New beginnings are so exciting. We always forget that with something new, we have to leave behind something old. I think you and Niamh will do very well together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilted
    However, life has a way of changing and turning, so long as I am with niamh I could live in a cave for all I care.
    Nuff said!

    Wish you all the best!
  15. Niamh's Avatar
    Cant wait to have you here.
  16. *Classic*Charm*'s Avatar
    Congrats both of you
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    Could it be a version of the line by Julian of Norwich:
    "All will be well, and all will be well"?
    Sometimes when I'm "down" --which happens too many times-- I try to remember her words of encouragement.
    (If I believed in adopting "mantras," that's a leading candidate.)

    In any event, best of luck to your move to Ireland! I would have posted that on the specific blog posting where the announcement appears, but I didn't want to be the one making comment #13!
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    I am not saying anything because I do not want to jinx it....
  19. IJustMadeThatUp's Avatar
    Oh happy days! Congratulations.
  20. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Cutest. Thing. EVER.
    Big congrats to the both of you!!!
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