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  1. A note from Janine

    Hi everyone. Thanks for all of your heartfelt concern. I turned the computer off during the storm and have been glued to the tv set ever since - the images are stunning. Thankfully I am safe and sound and so is the rest of my family; we didn't even get a drop of water in the house - basements inclued - and the power did not go off. The storm was something to talk about, but we were prepared and most of the bad stuff happened down by the coastline, although the rain and wind here were pretty crazy ...
  2. The First Year of Life

    This is dedicated to my darling grand-daughter, Brooke, in honor of her first birthday; which took place last Thurs. My son and his wife had a big party on Saturday. It was a wonderful day for all, especially Brooke!

    I wish to follow up this post with another, in which, I will post a selection of photos of the first year of Brooke's life, starting with some hospital shots, through to her first birthday.

    Prior to the party, shopping sure is fun!
    Baby/toddler ...

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  3. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone!

    I am so happy to announce that I have received my new computer, and I now have it up and running. I am happy to report that I am online once again at home (not my library or a friend‘s house, which was quite restrictive). I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you, who most generously gave to the fund to help secure me a new computer. The computer is just great and I am can post faster; I know this will make posting such a pleasure from here onward. I can more readily backup all my research data ...

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