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Just Babbling

  1. The Girl Who Lost Her Soul

    A pale faced girl drowned in silence
    Spent her days in a world filled with unrealities
    She cried, she mourned, she felt so lonely
    She said "I am broken"
    Piece by piece she vanished
    In a room with no window
    A broken chair and wooden table
    A light bulb and Holy Bible
    Wish that room was a garden
    With roses and orchids and jasmines
    Sweet fragrances, colorful and warmth
    But only in fantasy she could be happy
  2. Sunshine

    Where are you sunshine?
    The roses are starting to fade away
    And butterflies are mourning everyday
    Even rainbow doesn't know
    What colors to show?
    Because only cold that is left
    Such a cruel cold, with no inspirations
    O sunshine, don't hide away
    This heart is freezing in loneliness
    Hear this soul aching in pain
    Longing to feel you, to enjoy your scent
    To touch and to be touched
    The light that
  3. To Thee

    O, how sweet is the Spirit
    Of a loving Father
    A faithful friend of my soul
    Cannot be described,
    For His beauty is beyond descriptions
    Do not know how to tell,
    For He is too marvelous to be spoken
    By the words of a mortal
    To Thee, The Sweet Spirit
    The strength in me
    For every battle in my journey
    Through heartaches and pains,
    Betrayals and malice towards me,
    Stand He is as a defender
  4. Not Happy

    So it’s like being shoveled to turn the door knob
    You’re sweating as they pushing you out
    Seems that everyone has grown bigger
    And the room is getting smaller
    One out many
    So sorry, they choose you quietly

    And it’s like being force to drink the glass empty
    Though you can’t stand and have to take a pee
    But you sit still and look happy
    And the cocktail feels like ****
    And you feel like you just have been
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