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  1. Neighbours

    I live in 6 floors apartment building, 2 apartments in each floor (I live in the 1st floor, that would be 2nd floor for the almost the rest of the world, I think). So, roughly, at least I have 11 neighbours in this building.

    My next door neighbour is a middle-aged woman. I think she lives by herself. I met her face to face twice and see her from the back once. First encounter was about 2 weeks after I moved in. I met her downstair while the mover came to deliver my boxes. She said, ...
  2. Woosshh...

    I can only exhale. Deeply exhale.

    I can only put on a smile and a little laughter. Remembering the young blood. It’s always been very easy for me to fall in to the trap of false feelings, innudendos, fatal unapproriate attraction, but not with an 18 years old. Did I miss the train of youth, the crazy and daring exciting life of the young blood? Perhaps, I did.

    My short but lovely experience with this very lovely young lad, brought me to the memory of my own youth. ...
  3. Faint not—fight on!

    Faint not—fight on!
    Tomorrow comes the song.
    — Babcock

    There's no reason to be discourage as for every question, there shall be answer.

    I do not need to understand all. It doesn't really matter. There's no purpose to understand all.

    Remove the doubts, then I'll see all more clearly.
  4. You


    Nothing more

    Nothing less
  5. A particular flight

    I shared the same flight with one of Indonesia's former presidents. It was quite shocking for me to see that he was not guarded at all. He only got 4 people in his group, him, the man who helped him with his wheelchair and two other assistances. They looked like ordinary civilians. Maybe it was because his nature. He's known for his eccentric style and comments, especially in how public officers should act. When we got out of the plane, I walked along the airport alley beside the group. Another ...
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