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  1. Niamh's Avatar
    So it appears!
  2. subterranean's Avatar
    Hmmm...that's new to me. So by doing that I can have both clean nose and earlobe :p
  3. Niamh's Avatar
    I was told to do the circular movement on the point behind the earlobe to help loosing wax in the ear so it can been cleaned properly. Especially if you are to do Ear Candling.
    Think i'll make a not of this.
  4. Niamh's Avatar
    I've never heard freddie being used for richard either. Dick yes but not freddie.
  5. subterranean's Avatar
    Virg, how come 'Bill for Will' is not hard to fanthom?


    I tried to ask the English blokes, but seems there's no clear explanation of why Richard becomes Freddie. They said, 'it's just how it is'.
  6. Nightshade's Avatar
    I know a guy called owen who is known as wendy... !
  7. Nightshade's Avatar
    Hummm how long ae you there for? Im trying to plan a fewe days holiday at the end of may I wanted to walk hadrians wall but the chances of that are looking increasingly slim so you never know I might get the eurostar and end up on you doorstep going FEED ME!!!
  8. subterranean's Avatar
    I'm in Denmark, Night :).

    Yes, Puss and Becca. I will knock on her door tomorrow after work. Hope she'll be at home :)
  9. Nightshade's Avatar
    Where are you now subby?
  10. downing's Avatar
    Yes..interesting to know.
  11. downing's Avatar
    oh..very modern poem
  12. subterranean's Avatar
    I think you haven't say anything.
  13. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Oh, Yeah!!!



    Everything more.

    Everything less.

    Umm...No. Wait. What did I just say?
  14. 's Avatar
    This thread leads me to an intersting suggestion: how about we treat ANY scriptural text as a blog??? Might actually reduce the amount of religious fundamentalism in the world. Then again maybe not. But one can hope.


  15. Shannanigan's Avatar

    (dang "must have 10 characters" rule)
  16. kilted exile's Avatar
    Now thats the kind of religion I can get behind
  17. kilted exile's Avatar
    Now thats thekind of religion I can get behind