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    Well, I certainly learned something today.
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    Fascinating! Thanks for introducing him to me.
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    I have heard some good things of Sayer's translation but have never read it myself. My personal favorite is John Ciardi's... but admittedly that may be due to it having been my first exposure to Dante. It is very fluid... and poetic... but some have suggested it is perhaps too fluid... too much Ciardi and not enough Dante. One largely agreed-upon translation seems to be Mandelbaum's which certainly has a greater degree of muscularity. Mandelbaum must also be credited as quite a solid translator of Epic poetry... including not only Dante, but also Homer and Ovid.
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    Hi Stluke, welcome to blogging. From what I've read from random posts around the forum I'd like to say that I'm very much looking forward to reading your blog--this was a fascinating start. I recently read Don Quixote and enjoyed it very much; in fact it was the last huge novel I read. I own a copy of Dorothy L. Sayers' translation of the Divine Comedy but haven't read it yet--what is your opinion of her translation? She is in my top five favorite authors, but I have read hardly any of her works beyond the Lord Peter books.
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