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Stlukesguild's Ramblings-

Random musings about art, poetry, music, and just about anything that pops into my mind by an incurable and unapologetic bibliophile... nay bibliomaniac.

  1. "Presentation"- A Work in Progress

    As I'm looking forward to sending out information to various art galleries in search of finding gallery representation... and perhaps even selling my work... something I haven't don in about 5 years... I'm looking into moving away from the nudes (which are always have a more limited audience) toward clothed figures. Of course I am also intrigued with the added possibilities that clothing brings to the work.

    The work is still heavily rooted in the iconography of icons and religious ...
  2. J.S. Bach and the Mass in B-minor

    Today yet another Bach purchase arrived in the mail... although in this instance the work is something of the Holy Grail of Bach recordings:

    Last December I had planned upon purchasing this set of Bach recordings by Gardiner...

    ... but I ended up putting off this purchase wanting to save the money ...
  3. Bach's Goldberg Variations by Andreas Staier

    Today a new recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations arrived. This is perhaps my 6th or 7th version of this magnificent work... but then again... one can never have too much Bach. While I tend to prefer Bach's keyboard works played upon the piano (especially when performed by such masterful interpreters as Glenn Gould, Rosalyn Tureck, Angela Hewitt and Murray Perahia) this particular recording, by Andreas Staier on Harmonia Mundi, is played on the harpsichord. This is surely one of the finest harpsichord ...
  4. More Baroque Listening: Biber and Vivaldi

    Well, today I spent fully getting back into my current obsession with classical music. Two new discs arrived in the mail:

    Zelenka I have already discussed above... but I must say this latest disc is quite marvelous... and I am still impressed with the muscular, driving rhythm of Zelenka's music. Heinrich Ignaz ...
  5. Summer Listening and Zelenka

    With summer having arrived I am on break from teaching and have a goodly amount of time to spend in my studio working on my own artistic endeavors (painting). Perhaps it is that feeling of freedom linked with a bit of remembered youthful rebellion that we all felt when the school year wound to a close... but for whatever reason, I have been spending a lot of time recently listening more to rock, jazz, gospel, blues and even bluegrass. Among my recent purchases are the following:

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