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Stlukesguild's Ramblings-

Random musings about art, poetry, music, and just about anything that pops into my mind by an incurable and unapologetic bibliophile... nay bibliomaniac.

  1. More "Early Music": Soeur Marie Keyrouz and Byzantine Music

    Continuing on with my exploration of "Early Music":

    According to Wikipedia: Byzantine music remains the oldest genre of extant music, of which the manner of performance and (with increasing accuracy from the 5th century onwards) the names of the composers, and sometimes the particulars of each musical work's circumstances, are known (although Robert/Musicology will probably be along to ...
  2. "Presentation"- A Work in Progress- continued... pt. 4

    I have seriously thought about exploring egg tempera myself as I quite like the manner of building up through hatching, and there is certainly a greater stability to egg tempera (it is far less fragile than pastel). Many artists I greatly admire were also masters of the medium:


    Giotto: ...

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  3. "Presentation"- A Work in Progress- continued...

    I spent the day today... the hottest day of the year to date... turning the fan off and on as I added more gold leaf. The heat was so unbearable I couldn't really think straight... which unfortunately shows . I first came to the painting thinking the young girl's dress was too light in value and did not contrast enough with the background... thus I painted it darker. This was too "heavy" in appearance and so I decided to add a pattern in gold leaf. Here I've roughly applied the leaf ...

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  4. Carlo Gesualdo

    I thought I might continue in an exploration of some "early" composers by cross posting an earlier little essay I wrote on Carlo Gesualdo... certainly one of the the most interesting "characters" in the whole of music:

    I've been greatly enamored of this disc:

    ... of the music of Carlo Gesualdo performed by the marvelous Hilliard Ensemble.

    I found ...
  5. Nicolas Gombert

    Interestingly enough... the duel between the arch-Modernists and those who refused to abandon Romanticism. The Modernists too a progressive approach, abandoning tonality and harmony and pushing ever forward into increasingly challenging and difficult musical languages that often left even the educated audiences baffled. The Romantics continued to champion traditional tonality and harmony as essential... even natural to music. Many Modernists would accuse their Romantic rivals of being reactionaries... ...
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