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    vrty good
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    Enjoyed reading this post, stlukesguild. Is there an edition of The Book of Kells you'd recommend?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virgil
    Well, that's great I'll be seeing more of you on the blogs. If you go through my blogs you'll see some dedicated to Matthew. Here's the latest:
    Yes... I've read a few. I have a cousin who was (seemingly) unable to have any children with his wife. They adopted a little girl from either Costa Rico of El Salvador (its been a while). As soon as they had finalized the adoption, his wife became pregnant and they ended up with two new additions to the family in rapid succession. They were both raise as being fully brother and sister and she was an absolute doll. She is now a stunningly gorgeous young woman of 21 going to college. Again... bless you. I couldn't do the job at your age. I had a painting professor in art school who.... like so many art school professors... started an affair with a student 20+ years younger, married her, and ended up a new Daddy at 55. We always knew when little Hannah had kept him up all knight because his comments would be brutal due to his mood as a result of sleep deprivation.
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    Thanks for posting.
    In looking at the Brueghel painting at the top, I'm drawn to the central part of the painting and how it "flows" like a river.
    I like the way movement is emphasized with the sheep, horses and even the wheels on the cart "leaning" forward, while elements on the sides are staionary framing the flow of the center.
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    Yes... it speaks to the power of images that we often associate another member here with their avatar. I switched mine from Peter Paul Ruben's portrait of his sister-in-law, Susanna Fourment:

    I made the change after any number of members assumed that I was female. I decided to switch to a work of classical sculpture because these read well on the extreme small scale allowed for avatars... of course now people take me for Antinous, the Roman Emperor Hadrian's "boy toy".

    I'm not certain the change was for the better.
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    I always thought that second portrait was JBI.
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    Virgil... thanks for the comment. Sorry I'm so late in replying... but obviously I haven't kept up with my blog. I believe that's about to change. After investing a good amount of labor into posting on two different Art threads... only to have them demolished and eventually closed as the result of a couple unstable individuals, I have decided to put further posts on art on my blog where I can moderate the participation of such.

    Anyway... thanks again... and how are things going... especially with the new addition to your family. I'm only slightly younger than yourself and cannot imagine taking on such a responsibility at my age. Then again... I'm responsible for 30... 40... sometimes 50 children at a time whose parents take no responsibility whatsoever to how they act in public.
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    Excellent review StLukes. I am not familiar with this opera at all. Probably unfortunate, but Mozart's opera seria is not held up as his comic operas, which are considered among the greatest.

    I did some youtube searches and found some of the music very enjoyable. I especially liked this aria:
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    A change from the usual blog entry. Thank you for sharing as this is quite interesting.
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    Oh that's interesting. Earlier this year I read a brilliant novel called Silence by a Japanese Catholic writer named Shusaku Endo. It's a historical novel based on that same time period as those Dialogues. You can read about Silence here: It's got the reputation of being one of Japan's finest novels, and Graham Greene called it the best Catholic novel ever written. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The novel would probably complement that music. I think I will pick that music up since I loved the novel so much.
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    I enjoy your postings.
    That was especially the reason i became member of this Forum.
    See in introductions who i,m and what i like.
    in Short i like Art in its wides sence and especially the translation of litterature in art and vice versa.
    At the moment i study a theme very important in 16 /17 century art but also in 19 century waterhouse for instance) it could be called Assembly of the Olympian Gods ,Feast of the( Olympian )Gods,,Councel of the etc , marriage of Amor andPsyche and the marriage of Peleus and Thetis.

    Rafael .Bellini.Cornelis van Haarlem,Rubens etc etc etc

    greetings from Holland

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    I'm listening to "Winterreise" this week. Incredible. I have a growing admiration for Schubert!
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    Awesome collection you put together, Stlukes. I learned quite a bit. And Dali is my favorite artist.

    This Spring, I hope to take a trip to France to visit The Louvre. Dumb question, probably, but have you ever been there?
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    Does anyone do stone sculptures anymore?

    The amount of detail that go into those is just astounding. I can't imagine the amount of time and dedication that went into them. Did the artists have helpers for menial tasks with the sculptures?
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    Hey, Stlukesguild. I have two questions. I love art, and currently own over 20 pieces bought from local art fairs, but beyond knowing what I like, I am pretty ignorant when it comes to art/art history, so forgive said ignorance.

    First, why were heads left off of so many sculptures?

    Second, and this is a more practical question, how did the Hellenistic Temple of Pergamon get in the museum? Quite a large piece of art to transport....
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    Sean Scully is one my favorite painter and I make mention of him on my blog
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    Those were wonderful photographs of Ancient Greek
    Thank you.
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    Thanks for your effort in putting this together.
    I would have a tough time deciding between the two. It would seem that Spain certainly has the edge in terms of painting. Architecturally speaking, I would say both are on even par and for sculpture, I would have to give Greece the nod.
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    In terms of things to see I don't think it would be highly disputed that Spain has more. If we're to judge the two places on artistic merits alone I think the central question in the debate comes down to how you define "good." If you're going to judge goodness purely on the form and content then I believe Spain still takes the cake, most notably for me by virtue of Picasso and Velazquez and to a lesser extent Greco, Goya et al you mentioned. Yet if you're to judge how great their art was by assessing how innovative it was, that does not appear to be such an easy task. It is not hard to notice that the reasons art generally gets richer in content as time goes by is because later artists have the privilege of studying and building off of the deceased ones, and further as technology progresses, new and less restrictive modes of expression come along.

    All in all I would go to Spain. There's really no question for me...oh, and that wine thing sounds pretty nice, too.
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