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    Cheers, Kelly. Welcome back.
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    I'm a new member and yours was the first blog i read (purely by accident). I was so moved by your honesty and willingness to share your thoughts on life, illness and loss. My dad never talked to me about anything other than money and what the problem with me was. As a result i obtained a BA, PGCE and MA degree. Still i would trade all that for him to have a converstion with me, hug me when he arrived home for his stressful job, or call me his princess. Even so, i would miss him greatly if he died although i would have to work hard at understanding why he ever wanted me in the first place.
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    I'm 55 myself and lost my father 5 years ago. Your memorial to your father was a privilege to read and your sense of history with your father the ups and downs is touching to me as I have few really good memories of mine. This is not the place to dwell on that but best to your novel and watch out for British taxes if you go England/Scotland. They say there are 3 phases to a life and I suspect oyu and I are in phase 3. God bless and grieve well.
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    Awww...and that sounds like such a great idea, too! Are you sure that the skilled worker profile is the only one that fits you? I think you should definitely at least visit sometime even if as a tourist... Good luck with this and with overcoming your writer's block!
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    That's great that you're putting so much thought into motives. Isn't it frustrating when a story does not simply appear, or characters refuse to do what should be natural? Not that this is intended to be of any use to you, or influence your decisions in anyway ("listen to my words of supreme wisdom, and be guided to the destination that you obviously are incapable of coming to on your own"--nothing like that) but I wonder if human motives need to be anything more that simplistic. Could your battle come about merely by contact between these factions, instigated only by any previous, mutual anymosity that they've held for each other?

    I like the thoughtfulness of this post of yours.
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    I'm sorry for your loss. Losing a parent is difficult. I am not as devastated with my dad's decline last night as I might otherwise be if he were still strong in mind and an active part of my life, but losing him will be hard when it comes. If it is any comfort, dwell on the moments you treasure about him. My father was a brilliant man and I spent many long evenings with him discussing everything from electrons to math to paleontology to creation to science fiction to the way the brain is wired to relationships. I shall miss those talks, but he will always be alive in my memory when I dwell on them. Thank you for your comment. Please accept my condolences on your recent loss.
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    My sympathies, Kelly. My Papa passed away on September 18th, a few weeks ago. It is hard.