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  1. Dear Lit-Net

    I love you. I haven't learned to love you-- the opportunity to understand and discuss topics ranging from the self to penguins in one's head have really expanded my mind.
    This love, was too great, because, my mind went bonkers. I'm not ready yet, and I don't have the utmost inner strength and experience to survive in these forums, without becoming so confused that it becomes self-destructive. You're wonderful, but I am not ready yet. Some can live with this sort of stuff, but I've begun ...
  2. Since B's going nuts...

    ...I might as well blog about my very boring life:

    My mommy came back! and I ran and hugged her! Why isn't the banana dancing?! Agh! *poke*move you little thing, dance...DANCE!


    Oh, and controversy looms over my school...muhahaha, muhahahaha! A group of students were really sick of the ever-deteriorating relationship between them and the teachers. So, we planned out a meeting between a few of us and the teachers to bridge the gap of communication, ...
  3. Finding the Love

    I've been trying to write this entry for a long time, but I get worried if entries like these get too personal. And then I realized, what can anyone do with my thoughts? They could harangue me, tease me, or just ignore me, but the freedom I feel releasing my feelings is too valuable for such a price.

    Okay, so in the last entry I mentioned something about being committed to something. You'll probably laugh at me, thinking it's not a big deal, but it is to me. I hardly get the chance ...
  4. A week in a post

    YES! I deleted my facebook!

    My mom's visiting my sis (with the cute baby) in Cali, and is having fun while I mope around my house, thinking about how much I abhor mind-less schoolwork. MOMMY, I miss you!!

    My nephew loves taking baths...he loves the water...he reminds me of me: the rain, baths, washing hands, jumping in puddles, drinking water-all of these I enjoy. I really feel this soulful connection with him, though I've only seen his pictures...I love him, ...
  5. merciless cycle

    Aunt...I'm an aunt now. As if bob really wants to rub it in my face you're growing old, missy, old *sinister cackle*. And, on top of me being an aunt, comes the other end of the deal: a nephew. Not just any nephew, MY nephew. And he's cute..wait, the whole affair disgusted me from the start. There was a parasite in my sister's stomach for nine months ... and then it's "born" and takes MY title as the youngest kid in the family. Abdicate-shmabdicate, alright? It has no right to ...
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