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Shannanigan's Search for More...

Here I am, blogging again. I seem to find myself rather interesting...I guess that's why people blog in the first place. That, and the desire to have that sentiment be reinforced by people like you, the reader. So, reinforce away!

  1. Teaching Again

    by , 01-19-2010 at 07:48 PM (Shannanigan's Search for More...)
    So, as much as I was sure that I wouldn't be teaching again any time soon, I am a pushover. When the school called me begging me back, I gave in and returned, with a few conditions:

    -I refuse to work full time.
    -I will not turn in lesson plans for teaching yearbook.
    -I only teach 12th grade English (which I already have lesson plans for).

    I like the set up. I'm technically a "substitute" teacher who isn't on a if the administration ...
  2. Wow

    by , 10-20-2009 at 03:37 PM (Shannanigan's Search for More...)
    Where to start?

    I've missed LitNet badly...but I've been going through a lot.

    I'm in Puerto Rico, and had started a Master's program in English Literature, but am no longer planning on sticking with the program. I've discovered just how much growing I have yet to do, and have realized that a lot of that growing needs to be done by spending time with my family, of which I have none here in PR.

    So, it's back home for me.

    I also realize that ...
  3. A Teacher Learned Something Today

    by , 05-17-2009 at 09:47 AM (Shannanigan's Search for More...)
    If there is one thing that teaching English literature did for me which studying it in high school and college did not, it was to give me a greater appreciation for learning about the author, time period, location, and other background material regarding a text before reading it.

    I always hated the "Build Background" activities we had to do in high school before actually getting to the fun part of reading a work. In college, I forcefully avoided writing literature analyses ...
  4. An Article That Made Me Think

    by , 04-16-2009 at 01:46 PM (Shannanigan's Search for More...)

    College can be the most amazingly enlightening experience of a lifetime. I loved almost every minute of it, from St. Augustine to organic chemistry, from Chaucer to electricity and magnetism. But we need a distinguished blue ribbon commission to investigate its role as a toll booth on the road to employment, and the obvious person to head up this commission is Marilee Jones.

    I know; ...
  5. For Those Days of Uncertainty...

    by , 01-19-2009 at 10:18 AM (Shannanigan's Search for More...)
    As a first-year teacher, I've had my days of uncertainty. This picked me up:

    Why Do We Need Literature?

    By the way, I've applied to a Master's program in English Literature at the University of Puerto Rico (simultaneous opportunity to improve my Spanish - yay!). Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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