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  1. feeling small

    I was paying out paying bills today, and really, considering that I'd been spending my summer with nights online (and o the forum!) and days in bed snoozing, I was drowsy. I'd actually been asleep right before leaving, something I left to chance, and when I got up and realized the hour, I forced myself to get up, grab a jacket, and get out of the house.

    I knew I was definitely sleepy as the hour came to my usual snoozing time, and I was chilling on the way to the mall. *sigh*
  2. picnic

    Her chest expanded as she breathed in deeply. So did his. Her heels clicked to the thump of his heartbeat, and as it was climaxing, she looked down. She might have walked him by. She usually did, with a quick wave and time for little else. But he was determined to have her this time, and by God, he would have a feast.

    “Hello, my dear,” she heard in a familiar, perky tenor. In less than the time it took for someone to hide a smile, she looked up to his remembered features and down ...
  3. not good enough

    I hope you're not thinking that this is an emo post (judging by the title) where the blogger [me] rants about not being good enough...

    This is where I decided to post my latest work, a short story for the competition of Children Come First, also known as CCF. (thought: I wonder if any other members have joined?) Ordinarily I would post in the forums but I don't feel that this is good enough, so here...

    Mechanics: Write a short story consisting of 200 words or less beginning ...
  4. the freak.. part 1 of many

    sorry to have to clog up the internet with this stuff, but i am in desperate need of a rant.

    i totally resent this. i'm missing him when i shouldn't be... at least, that was my concept. i thought this was nothing, and really, it wasn't supposed to be anything... but it is something. i've owned up to it, somehow. i was never supposed to like him in the first place, but now, now that i know i won't be seeing him in a long time, maybe never again (as my brother logically pointed ...
  5. untitled

    she speaks with detectable remorse
    beautiful that it is heartbreaking.

    then she says nothing, nothing, nothing.

    but every word she has uttered has imprinted
    itself on the empty pages of my heart.

    all is quiet, and so she is.
    all is beautiful, and so she is.
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