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  1. fruit of my summer

    This is what I feel was the best poem I wrote through the summer. I haven't been writing in a while (like I said in my previous entry) so I don't know if this one is okay. (I'm a little rusty.)

    Between deep, measured breaths
    her eyelids fluttered
    to let the sunshine in,
    and she would feel

    silverware alongside blessings
    and the smell of freshly cooked vegetables;
    the forecast of temperature
    and the sheath of sweat, ...
  2. after the summer break

    ah yes, while in other parts of the world the summer has just begun, here it's already over. public schools had their first day back today, and for universities this week is enrollment week... classes begin next week.

    i've been incommunicado the whole summer (so sorry, i know i missed out on a lot... all my online acounts say so) because i went to the province and spent the summer with my grandmother. she turned 83 while i was there, still strong, but she's slowed down a lot already... ...