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  1. Guess What

    I got accepted to my university!!!

    I went on a tour of the campus just to see it, and my tour guide part of the time was a transfer counselor whom I had met with at my junior college...he remembered me and asked if I had found out if I had been accepted...when I told him I had not heard, he went to administration after making a few calls and found out for me!!!

    Yay!!!! I am so excited!! Time to celebrate!
  2. Help Please

    It is a horrible experience to wake up to a phone call that brings bad news.

    My fifteen year old sister woke up this morning to a phone call that there was a car accident involving three people. A friend of my sister's was killed, and the boy she is in love with was driving.

    The boy's girlfriend got out of the car fine, the boy though, he is currently in the hospital in critical condition. His spleen has ruptured, he has a punctured lung and internal bleeding in his ...
  3. Brain Fart

    Forgive me the title of this blog. But I guess that is exactly what it is I am writing...a brain fart.

    I cannot say I know exactly what I am writing about, probably just venting. Life is so busy I don't have time for people, and when I do I seem to just be upsetting them all for the same reason, and I am not even doing anything. Perhaps it is this "not doing anything" that is upsetting so many friends.

    Everyone has said that I am too busy even for myself. ...
  4. Peanut Butter Ideals

    Monday nights from 7-10 p.m. are probably not the most conducive to the study of Ethics. While quite an interesting subject, around this time at night trying to polish off a PBJ sandwich and cram an essay, I really begin to wonder at the study of ideologies. I wonder how many people wander out of the classroom at the end of the night totally burned out and wondering where all the ideals REALLY fit into our lives.

    I do understand the WHYS of studying philosophy: like questioning the ...
  5. Internet

    Yay! I finally got the internet turned back on at home! That means I will be posting more often, and actually doing a little more work at work....I know how some of you have been concerned about my working habits Well I guess this means I will be around more often...or like I used to.
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