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  1. caliecarter's Avatar
    I will definitely be a part of this one just need a little time to get some info put together to see where I want to start! I saw this in one of the spiritual that the first thing you must do here however is to find the courage to bare your soul and admit you need help.
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  2. mtpspur's Avatar
    For once no fireworks stories from me (fireworks in an Air Force dorm keeps an Orderly Room clerk hopping put it that way). This was a nice introspective side of you that was delightful.
  3. grace86's Avatar
    That did not fail to make me burst out laughing! "They make too much damn noise!" lol....I feel ya Virgil!

    Yeah I will continue my writing, even if it is just experimental like it is above.

    (Oh hey...I'm not going to Guatemala anymore)
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    I've never been a fan of fireworks (I know, I'm a rare person ) but I've never thought about it quite this way. For me they make too much damn noise and it rakes on the nerves after a while. Next time I see fireworks I'm going to wish for a hearth.

    Glad to see you're writing Grace.
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  5. grace86's Avatar
    Thank you Andave...I do plan on continuing with it...but I'd been having a lot of writer's block lately so it was just an inspiration that kind of happened, and I ran off with it. I figured I would write so long as I felt I could. So it will be something further expanded upon later. Thank you for your compliments and suggestions!!! <3 I'm trying to cultivate my writing.
  6. andave_ya's Avatar
    This is beautiful! I love your writing style - thoughtful, steady, soft. I would only suggest that you go on. It doesn't seem done yet. How did you come to the understanding that we need both? Is it a metaphor for something personal?
  7. grace86's Avatar
    I think you are right Virgil! Thank you!
  8. Virgil's Avatar
    In thinking about this again Grace, may I say that I think the title is incorrect. It's not the soul you are worried about in alleviating suffering and have compassion for, it is the body. Sometimes we forget how physical and earthly our Christianity is and is intended to be. That is the significance of God becoming man, a physical bodily man, who preached about the service for others. So it's not the soul we need to have compassion for. God will take care of the soul. It's for the body.
  9. L.M. The Third's Avatar
    What good thoughts! Thanks for sharing!
  10. grace86's Avatar
    Thank you guys for your encouragement. I posted this on my other blog and got a message from a girl I don't speak to about how what I wrote answered one of her difficult questions - pretty much, "if I can't save the world, what do I do?"

    Gimissung, I love the quotation from Assisi, and that's pretty much where I'm headed with what I wrote - Virgil don't be disappointed or discouraged - just like Schindler and this quote...we are NOT going to be able to save the world, but we can reach out and love those around us in the way that they need to be loved...whether that be a friendly conversation, a meal, volunteering to help etc. etc. I know you know this!

    I looked at the clip from the movie, and what I took out of it as well as your point Virgil was, "Whoever saves a life saves the world entire."

    My brother once told me, before my first mission trip, "If you tie just one little boy's shoe, you've saved the world for him." The smallest actions count. I tied one child's shoe before remembering what he said, and it made me cry. The second boy's shoe I tied, came in a time in my trip where I was feeling particularly useless. Gotta remember to stay humble.

    Thank you for believing in me Rich. I always know you're out there reading!
  11. qimissung's Avatar
    It is hard to see people living in such dire circumstances, like animals, stripped of dignity and hope, and first humbly realize that what you can do will not be enough, and then decide to forge ahead with that.

    As St. Francis of Assisi said: "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
  12. Virgil's Avatar
    This was nicely written Grace. It reminded me of that closing of Schindler's List that is ingrained in me.

    "Just one more person. I could have saved one more person."

    It is a painful reminder of how little I do to help the world. Oh I donate money here and there, but that is not the same thing as true hands on sacrifice where one touches the humanity of the suffering. Bless you.
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  13. mtpspur's Avatar
    Well thought out and beautifully told. There are reasons I think so highly of you.
  14. grace86's Avatar
    Thank you so much guys! You're all really encouraging and speak a lot of truth. The writing is more for me...because as I mentioned, I feel the need to sort of vent out some things I am experiencing, but, I would also like to strengthen my writing a little bit.

    Virgil, I'm not sure what type of writing I would like to do just yet. I'm new to the thought of it. I was thinking of looking into the community college and some creative writing classes this summer though to figure that out. In the meantime, my friends have been encouraging me just to make sure I am writing.

    I'll not wait for nor count on responses, but rather, just keep on writing. Thanks for your help though guys, it's been thoughtful!
  15. mtpspur's Avatar
    As to comments I have found that when I start worrying about who or worse who ISN'T reading or commenting I then get off track. The main purpose for my blog to entertain myself and put my life into some sort of perspective for MYSELF so the dark side of my personality doesn't win out. The secondary reasons are to entertain and maybe --just maybe - help someone out with a private struggle of their own. So don;t be afraid to cast oyur bread upon the waters and after many days (note the word MANY) it will come back to you. Of course I'm still witing for Logos to call but again--that pesky word MANY.
  16. Virgil's Avatar
    I'll be reading and commenting. Love to see you back here Gracey.

    What kind of writing do you want to do? Perhaps you should take a creative writing class in college if it's offered.
  17. Niamh's Avatar
    best of luck with this Grace.
  18. grace86's Avatar
    I had been debating on whether or not I should start this project here - see I get a little nervous as to whether or not anyone who could potentially read this would find it interesting. And, I was afraid of the lack of comments I'd receive would signify my efforts as something boring, but Rich, you never fail to be faithful and supportive. And for that I thank you!
  19. mtpspur's Avatar
    The journey begins I await with sweet anticipation.
  20. Virgil's Avatar
    Well, jealousy is not a good thing. But all of us have those moments. Boy, you did send shivers down my spine with just the mention of redeye flights. Urrgh, I can't stand them. Fly all nght as if you can sleep on a flight. Even if it does, it's a lousy sleep. Maybe that's what pushed you over the edge?
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