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  1. Bowling and Soup

    Not Bowling for Soup...I am sitting here eating my lunch (cup of noodle soup) and thinking about my bowling venture from Sunday. I went with a bunch of my friends from church and I had not been bowling since I was in highschool. My left arm still hurts. Guess that means I have to get out and do more in regards to physical activity.

    Anyway, the guys were using sixteen pound bowling balls, and myself and the other girls were using ten pounders. This one guy used the 16 for most of the ...
  2. Honesty

    After deciding to be honest about something that was said to me, this giant fiasco has been going on for months. There are problems all over the place, and nothing will ever be the same for me as it used to be.

    My world is filled now with confusion and the choices that are going to be life changing - if made in either direction. So which way do I want to go?

    So sometimes when I have too much time to think, I wonder..."If I would have known what would have happened ...
  3. University!

    Hey guys just met with my counselor, I can graduate community college and go on to a university Fall 2007!!! I only need two more classes!

    I am so excited!!
  4. Testing!

    Never blogged forgive me if I screw this up

    Not too sure I understand the point of all this, but I am having a lot of fun! hehehe....
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