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  1. A Late Epiphany

    Tonight God let me know something as I was rushing out the door with all my things in hand - trying to get out before the future in laws caught the tears in my eyes. I learned that it is not within my right to try and change someone I love, to think I can change someone, or to hope that because that person loves me...ingrained beliefs and feelings he has carried for years will suddenly change. A person has the right to be anyone he wants to be and to think, do, and believe what he will. Who am I ...
  2. Advice at the Right Moment

    Saturday morning I got up a little later for practice than usual. As I get ready in the morning I turn on the radio station and warm up my voice. But there was no music playing and I headed over toward the radio to turn the station, until I realized that some pastor was giving a service on the station, so I thought instead I might listen to that while getting ready. The next thing I realize, I am sitting on my bed with my journal in hand and taking notes rapidly.

    The speaker said ...
  3. Cosmo...and Janet's Comeback

    There has been so much going on I've wanted to mention. Silly, daily insanity, but interesting to hear about nonetheless. Been planning on writing that oh so personal blog entry, but everytime I write it it just doesn't come out the way I'd hoped so I delete it. One day, some day soon....I will post it. Just hope you all don't view me from that point on as some selfish little Christian brat.

    Bear's death has been lamented over and little sister still doesn't know. But with every ...
  4. Falling Short

    Life right now has been just as the title states, I've been falling short. Good things have been happening, yes, and they make up for all the rushing, frustration and bad things that have occurred...yes, I am an optimist.

    No more creepies or adventures in the apartment at the moment, which is a relief. Turns out my complex is a really nice place to be both night and day. Don't know if I ever mentioned my apartment patio overlooks the orange groves from the university (don't get excited, ...
  5. Beginning Days

    Creature of the Black Disposal, Arachnaphobia Returns, Suds Suds Everywhere!

    Run for your lives!!!! Move in Days are here!!

    Okay so moving into my new apartment hasn't been a bunch of corny movie headlines, but let me tell you I have had some interesting experiences thus far.

    I am currently sitting here typing while covered in particles of slimy washing machine soap, and my jeans are sopping in areas below my knees. If you cannot get the bed comforter ...
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