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  1. Fireworks

    This was just an effort to get rid of the writers' block. I did not edit it otherwise I would not make the choice to post it....

    - July 5, 2010

    There is something about the fireworks on Independence Day that never fails to lapse me into silent reflection; although I receive thorough enjoyment gazing up at them, they always bring with them some bout of sadness as well. For most of the early part of summer, ...
  2. Guatemala 2010

    I feel kind of tactless and rude for posting this up on my blog, but as explained in the proceeding letter - I did not plan on going and as such instead of mailing this out to the friends on LitNet that I mailed it to last year, I've decided to post it this way. Should you feel interested in aiding me, please send me a private message for details on address information. - Thank you so much guys for putting up with me! I love you lots!!

    -------------------------------------------- ...
  3. Compassion for Souls, and Honoring One’s Charge

    -April 27th, 2010

    Last August I experienced my second mission trip to Guatemala. It had been explained to the team that each year’s trip is always different than the last; the team dynamic is always suited to exactly what the Holy Spirit desires, and the type of outreach done seems always to vary depending on the needs of the people we go to serve. The morning we went to the inner city near this location called the Terminal, I was mentally and spiritually out of sorts. The night before ...
  4. Testing, this thing on?

    April 20th, 2010

    “My friend, I am going to tell you the story of my life, as you wish; and if it were only the story of my life I think I would not tell it; for what is one man that he should make much of his winters, even when they bend him like a heavy snow? So many other men have lived and shall live that story, to be grass upon the hills.”
    -John G. Neihardt from Black Elk Speaks

    So perhaps it has been awhile since I have taken to the pen and page, or in this ...
  5. Mysterious Ways

    I have a confession to make so please be understanding.

    Yesterday afternoon as I was driving home on the freeway I was talking to God. Coming home from yet another doctor's appointment where I became a pin cushion, I was asking God how in the world He would make things work out. To pay for my vaccinations for this year's Guatemala trip, I had just written a bad check in good faith that He would move on my behalf to provide.

    I mean, He has to. The Lord is sending me ...
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