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  1. 1st day back blues

    Back to the salt mines after the 4 day break. Bob will be playing Santa Claus for the FOP. Dave begins his truck driving school so he's gone and already missed. Just me and Tonya tonite on what is our usually busiest night. Hope it's not like last week. 455 tickets for the day.

    Talked to daughter-in-law Loretta in California--Jim is out in the field. So far her pregnancy is going well. Gotta treasure a young lady whose father-in-law compares bearing children to the chest-burster ...
  2. Three's the Charm

    Still not sure I have this entry stuff down pat. This experiment should confirm.

    Dan finally returned call from yesterday. Rethinking his marriage proposal which was a bit of a relief--tired of breaking in daughter-in-laws--these modern women show no interest in sucking up to the in-laws for which I gladly would have milked a few free Batman comics out of her before she caught on. It's all about the kids--it's all about the kids. Never about you never about you.

  3. The Return

    Another botched attempt at posting but I think I have this figured out now. Have to log in separately to the blog screen so it will recognize me. We'll see.

    Decided this will be diary style free flowing meanderings for now. Like picking up a TV series already in motion.

    No response back from sister Elaine on Mom and the rehab. This is very unlike her but I know she's busier then I'll ever be.

    No plans for church this week. Wonder how much longer ...
  4. Day 1 Post 1

    My first entry never posted so this is really post #2. I notice if I type too long the forum makes me a guest and boots my typing.

    Intro: Motive for the blog is to keep me interested in maintaining a presence on this site and maybe more responses to any comment made.

    Brief biography: Real first name Rich, wife Ruth, kids James, Dan, Sandy, 2 grandsons Damion and Ron. I was born Rochester NY, live in Fairborn OH, spent ages 18-40 in the Air Force- now second shift ...