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  1. The Reaper is Grim

    My fellow dispatcher Bob is a medical retiree from the Fairborn Police department that been with us for a little over a year and has been a joy to have about.

    He has a vast stockpile of amazing and amusing stories of police work and much more interesting stories from his service in the U.S. Army when stationed in Germany. Was there when the wall came down I believe. HIS long suffering wife is from there and she recently returned from a month vacation with family whle Bob went to ...
  2. Death Without Warning

    The title is freely borrowed from a cover of Amazing Spider-Man #75 from 1969 showing a distraught web-slinger walking away with bowed head from a what appears to be a pile of laundry. The villain had discovered the fountain of youth works backwards. (A few years later said villain named Silvermane make a miraculous recovery by way of a rubber band effect--went from aging to nothing back to his advanced years and went back to making Spidey miserable again (albeit not on the Green Goblin level). ...
  3. Suicide/Arson & Death

    This was certainly a week that will go down in the memory book as one of the strangest I've participated in.
    I had to review previous entry to see where I left off with the wayward nephew. I had told him I would call him the night following the news about second son Dan going back to Iraq because I wanted time for wife Ruth and I to digest this development.

    Even so a voice mail gets left for me on the phone which annoys me and I go into my favorite mantra of "Nobody ...
  4. Return to Iraq

    But before we return to our scheduled blog--a quick update on the wayward nephew.

    I'm jealous. He has friends with money. A buddy actually paid $1000 to get his sorry self out of jail. The stipulation was that said friend had to get approval from my sister and brother-in-law and Stephen's wife Julie. I flat out told him I would have left him there sorry about your luck.

    He called while I was at work Sunday night so I only had a few minutes. Julie told him she was ...
  5. The Nursing Home

    An early fear of mine was visiting the nursing home where my mother's mother ended up. The last time I physically saw her her mind was gone. She had been taken from a private room and was now in a dormitory setting with rows of beds (much like in Air Force basic training). I was young--about 12 or 13 or so. She had never been a pleasant lady and I suspect SOME of my own mother's demons can be traced back to her. I never felt she received any pleasure in our company. To be very honest I hated ...