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  1. One Shot to the Head

    Dark Horse Comics tried to create a comics universe a few years back and one of the characters was simply named X and he had a series lasting 25 issues and some specials. One of them was titled: X-One Shot to the Head which reprinted some earlier stories that weren't in his regular book.

    Yes I'm setting up the scene.

    There is a grim reason for the above title.

    I considered What Cost Glory? or perhaps -again grimly--The Price of Fear. If you are disturbed ...

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  2. Four Months

    Time flies when the routine hardly varies.

    No major drama personally though things seem to happen to other family members. To my greta surprise my oldest brother and I had a civil conversation following the death of his wife Rosaline. He's still a character but I can tolerate him --the sins of the past can sometimes be put aside.

    In honor of my first friend here at Litnet (Grace86) I'm reading a chapter a night of Don Quixote. I like it but never quite sure when ...
  3. The Downsizing Continues

    It was a surprise but then again it had been anticipated ever since our little six county AAA Club was 'merged' to Allied Group with the 'promise' we would be still acting on our own. No one really bieved that.

    About a year and a half went by not quite sure now. Three months ago the call center hours changed from 7 am to 11 pm with calltakers staying until 7 pm.

    With weekends off.

    Dispatchers maintained their regular schedule--sigh 8 on, 2 off- 7 ...
  4. In Memoriam to the Unknown Sister-In-Law

    This was a tough one to write but for all the wrong reasons.

    My sister-in-law Rosaline died yesterday.

    I had not seen or spoken to her in at least 10 years.

    She made two terrible mistakes 50 years ago.

    She married my oldest brother.

    Mistake number one.

    She stayed with him for almost 50 years.

    Big mistake number two.

    None of us in the family had heard from my brother in four years ...
  5. War and Peace--Over at Last

    I began speed reading through the last books of Tolstoy's epic. As I repeatedly said I do not regret the read but decidedly let down on the awe and wonder factor.

    I'm starting to view this book as an emsemble cast that is constantly changing places on stage, saying a few words then moving on.

    The wrap up was a let down with only Nicolas getting any real sense of closure.

    Pierre is as unbelievable as ever and Nastasha is the real let down. I almost ...
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