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Looking For ME.

This blog will be about finding myself within the illusion of form, (albeit a very real illusion) a journey so far taking seven decades and
still going further in. Will write more later, got to go and cut the grass now.

back from cutting grass, this blog is about looking within the self, and finding what lies beneath the facade of form (the physical body)
to understand that I am a soul with a physical body, and NOT a physical body with a soul. Soul is the principle, the physical body is
not a principle, it is relative and decays, the soul is absolute and eternal.

  1. Disambiguation Of Mankind Expunged. =D O M E .

    by , 06-15-2018 at 05:10 PM (Looking For ME.)
    This blog is about attempting to clarify, to disambiguate the truth and reality as to what mankind actually "IS", and then expunge from our consciousness all other false ideas about our real identity. We can spend our entire life living in a charade of believing and acting as though we were the owners of the body we occupy, which of course, we are not! To clarify further the real owner of the body occupied is NOT John Smith,or Mary Jones,or whatever name you go by dear reader,the real ...