View Full Version : For edu, subsequently for pleasure.

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
i heard about Persuasion when i was five and i wanted to read it. the title inspired curiosity in me, but i couldn't get my hands on a copy. this yr while studying yr 12 at TAFE i found Persuasion on the reading list. i thought it was the perfect oppurtunity to read the novel finally. My childish curiosity was rekindled as a began to read. at first i found the book to descriptive and a little distant. there was no intimacy between the reader and the writter. But soon enough i was enthralled. Austen's detailled description created an entire world for me to imagine. i found the story so hopefull, and granted i am a hopeless romantic, but i also found the story reasonably beleive able. there are a few instances where fate seems to play a very ironic hand in the developement of the plot, but it is fiction after all. i believ this to be a very worthy novel...especially concidering it was written almost 200 yrs ago.