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firuza khan
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
This is not Jane Austen's best work. Her best novel so far, was "Pride & Prejudice". However, I liked "Persuasion" better than her other novels like "Emma," "Mansfield Park" & "Northanger Abbey."<br><br>Anne Elliot is a lovely character, even if she was persuaded to give up the man she loved eight years ago, she soon realised her mistake and was repentant of it. She was however steadfast and constant to the ones she loved dearly and eight years later found her unmarried and still thinking of Captain Wentworth regretfully. I think Capt. Wentworth could have tried harder to persuade her then and even later, but his pride did not enable him to do so.<br>When he meets her after eight long years, his initial reservations give way to his deeper feelings about her.<br>All in all, it was enjoyable reading and more refreshing than her other works with the exception of ofcourse "Pride & Prejudice" which remain her best novel yet.