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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
<br>I love Jane Austen and i think she's a really good author..I discovered her in grade 7-8 with Pride and Prejudice..i saw the movie and i had to read the book! since then i've read it 4 times, in grade 9-10 read Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey and Emma..<br><br>Persuasion is a really good book..Anne Elliot, the main character, has plain features, her sister Elizabeth doesn't really like her, neither does her father..She is like a stranger in her own house. Long ago when she was in her teens she fell in love with a young officer..Frederic ( forgot the last name) she was to marry him but she didn't because her father, Elizabeth and Her mother's best friend didn't approve of him ( he had no fortune to call his own..) <br><br>Years later they meet again when Frederic's brother came to leave at the Elliot manor with his wife..Frederic has grown and has made a name for himself and is now a captain in navy. At first he treats Anne in a cold detached manner and flirts with Henrietta and Louise, Marie ( Anne's sister)'s husband's sisters. He starts to warm up to her...when they go to Bath and There Anne meets a certain Mr. Elliot, her cousin( who was suppose to marry Elizabeth years ago ) He takes an interest in her and she starts to descover just how beautiful she really is . <br>He courts her and even ask her hand in marriage! but in the end she ends up marrying Frederic ...and Mr. Elliot is exposed as the fraud he is.. I really liked this story , it's full of unexpected twist and turns and the outcome is never the same...it's a story of self discovery and love lost and found ..and forgiveness..Anne is quite smart but unlike Eliza Bennet ( Pride &Prejudice) she's more shy and withdraw, perhaps because of the bad treatments she reveceive from both Elizabeth and her father...and the absence of her mother....<br><br>Later people