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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I think Persuasion is Austen's best book! It is certainly my fauvorite. Many times readers think it is rather dull, maybe because at the time when the novel starts all the "action" is over: Ann has already rejected Wentworth, he has gone to sea, and years have passed by with little change. Anne has already passed the period of ther life when women would get a "match" . Yet, I think is it precisely because of this circumstance that Austen can go into the world that is presented to women of a certain age who have not been a "success", very much related to her own experience. <br><br>Persuasion is no happy novel, is has not got a happy ending with a rainbow, but it certainly explores the social setting of a certain class of women, their family dynamics and their possibilities. <br><br>For some reason I cannot yet precise, it reminds me of a Shakespeare "The Tempest"<br>