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Liu Lin
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Dr.Jekyll is a kindly doctor, working hard, care everything, and loves people, but <br><br>because this, everyone who knows him thinks he had the best manís soul, so these make <br><br>Dr. Jekyll weary in body and mind, after year and year, Dr.Jekyll cannot take any more, <br><br>but he also does not wants people know he wants to change, so he made the special <br><br>medicine to make him feels better, after he had the medicine, he tasted free which is he <br><br>never feels like that before, he does not want stop now, ever he knows how bad person <br><br>after he has been changed. Actually when docket been changed, he really enjoy it, but at <br><br>the early of the time, when he back to his normal life, he definitely thought to stop it, but <br><br>then he can take the boring life, the medicine is the only help, to help him to enjoy some <br><br>feeling which is he cannot have it when he was a Dr. He thought if I cannot stop it, <br><br>maybe I should use just a few more time, but he was wrong, Mr. Hyde has been part of <br><br>his body, his mind, his soul, and his spirit. After day and day, Dr cannot live without <br><br>medicine any more, his hole body almost has been take by Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll cannot <br><br>control any more, and Mr. Hyde wants to take everything from Dr. Jekyllís body, so <br><br>wroth thing happened------he became a murder. This the worth thing would happen to a <br><br>people, and because of this that wake up Dr. Jekyll. At last, he killed Mr. Hyde, which is <br><br>suicide. That is the only way he can rescue himself from everything.<br><br><br> Dr. Jekyll is a normal person, he had a normal body, but he had a not normal <br><br>personality. Everybody originally have the different personality, but different <br>personality is not mean different behaviors, actually every normal people has least two <br><br>personality, that is why we do things not every time is same, because the thinking is <br><br>depend environment. Dr. Jekyll lives in a comfortable environment, but this a<br><br>simple live, so made him feel boring, made him need some new fresh ďairĒ. For example, <br><br>no body can eat the same food everyday. So, Dr. Jekyllís mind come out a ideal, actually, <br><br>this ideal was in his mind, just too deep, he did not feel before. After the ideal come out, <br><br>everything never like before again, Dr. Jekyll still is a docket, but in his mind has been <br><br>changed.<br><br><br> Dr. Jekyll can never get back to original life, since the new mind, so he choose adapt <br><br>to it, and of course, he have to, because the idea has already deepened memory, because <br><br>since the ideal come out, Mr. Hyde is real person in the world, no one can forgot <br><br>yourself. Mr. Hyde definitely is a beast, but beast also has a heart, a strange heart, and <br><br>that is Dr. Jekyll donít have it, and his hole body will change to Mr. Hyde if he did not <br><br>suicide, the fragile heart is collided by the ďrockĒ and breaks to pieces forever.<br><br><br><br><br> <br><br>