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smart ass
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Dr Jeykll and MR Hyde i believe, is one of those books that one of the modern day may shunt and be-little due to the profound use of English intergrenated into the text.<br><br>i personally found theee book to be onee of sensual intellect and philosophical endeavourance.<br><br>However this message is directed to all those unappriciative loons of this modern day- that the only reason you find the text of Stevenson to be uncomprehensible, isdue to the fact that (sorry to say), the people of today are not as smart as they used tobe and now speak English at quite an elemenal level.<br>So beware all you Brits the Americans will catch up with you soon- (on your spand of the English language that is. <br>