View Full Version : prince and the pauper

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
there was nothing really wrong with this book. except for the fact that the words were all old fashioned and sorta hard to understand. and it was boring. when i was 8 or so i read this story in a disney picture book and i found it SO much more interesting. maybe its cause i need pictures, or maybe it was just the magical world of disney. i also read the princess and the pauper in an archie comic, and that was way more interesting too. i think the overall story line is good, they want to switch lives, but mark twain just went way too deep into describing it. it just got me bored after a while. so maybe if there is ever a reindition of p&p there should be pictures ^_~<br><br>p.S~ miles seemed really nice =P