View Full Version : P&P is so borring when u have 2 watch it in black &white

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I had 2 watch the prince and the pauper for a movie novel study in 7th grade (i am still in 7th grade and i have a test on the story tomorrow) i thought it was a pretty interseting story with the switch in all but i would have preffered to read it because then i would have understood it better. It is pretty interesting the way each thought the other's life was like- Tom thought being a prince was all fun and games but he soon found out that their is more to it like being responsible for a whole country. Edward thought being a pauper was easy because he was free to do whatever he wanted but he then found out with a father like John it isn't . sooooooooo i just wanna tell all those who think P&P is boring they are wrong- its not when you understand it! but watching a black and white movie was a bit boring for me...<br><br>Thanks! peace OUT! <br><br>ps. i agree not all parts were that interesting!!!!!