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Who cares?
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Look, nobody cares if you have a 4.0 or a 4.14 or whatever. "Oh look at me, I'm smarter than you so guess what? My opinion is better than yours." Psh please. I liked ths book overall and if you think it's slow, good luck reading whatever else is assisnged in English classes. Between this book and Great Expectations, I'd take this one anyday. Besides, it wasn't THAT insufferable. The plot was interesting overall, and as to the comment on the "switch thing," it only seems too overdone because people have been taking the idea set forth by Twain (or perhaps some other author who has done this before him) and expanding on it. It's a common occurrence. Do you hate Romeo and Juliet because you know the story already from West Side Story? What of Clueless and Jane Austen's Emma? How about Bridget Jones's Diary and Pride and Prejudice? <br><br>Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, I am simply raising questions for further discussion. If you didn't like the book perhaps it's because you just don't like Twain's style in general. Or maybe the historical references got you confused. Personally, I'm a Tudor history geek (ugh that looks so bad when I type it out :)), but maybe if you don't know what it was like during that time the book might seem rather boring to you.<br><br>Oh, and one more thing: does anyone know where I could find loads of information of King Edward VI? I've been to virtually every website there is! I think he's my favorite boy king :-)