View Full Version : Manners and Moral

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Ms. Austen, having been bred and raised to be a proper lady in her actions and writing, has helped younger generations grasp and understand the use of manners. Elinor and Marianne are both usually nothing but polite, even when they are agitated about something or other. Though I do love each character as fondly as the next, a favourite often caught my eye. Marianne, learning about love the hard way with Willoughby, her wmotions always running wild, and her disreagaurd for protocall durring her mourning was, to me, utterly amazing. I could barely believe what I was reading, a girl, whom had been nothing but polite, about faces and makes comments that enrage her guests. Obviously, there is a fine line between sense and sensibility, a very fine line.