View Full Version : emma a very good book

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
reading emma has been a very good experience. the first time i got around to reading it i didnt really get engrossed, but as i came across more and more of emma's stupid mistakes (the result of her high opinion of herself) i was left turning page after page till there were no more left to turn. emma is all about making mistakes, and although emma is blind to all her follies, she is gracious enough to admit her mistakes and make amends. she may not say sorry, but her visit to the Bates' after her uncalled for, severe snubbing of Ms. Bates stupidity, is apology enough and a saving grace for her. mr. knightley is of course not as lovable as darcy, but then he isnt as pathetic as austen can sometimes make her heroes. he is also the only one worth any praise although frank churchill is also very commendable (except maybe for his secret engagement to jane). but then everyone is entitled to privacy. all in all, a very good book. a must read for all classic addicts and an ideal one for curling up with on a sunday afternoon.