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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
the beauty of this book lies in the word subjectivity. Interepretation is subjective. Although our opinions may differ, it has the psycho element that makes us ponder a little on what really influences the human mind and our nature. To some of us, the creature may be a monster. But the fact is nowhere did Mary Shelly refered to the creature as monster(except maybe through Frankenstein's accusation). That itself also may also give us an insight and a slight inkling as to how Mary Shelley actually perceives this creature. Chris comment is justified as there is a price to pay for sin. And based on this reasoning, murderers, rapist and thieves are punished. They are wrong in the eyes of the law. Then again we sometimes wonder the justice in this law when people who commit these crimes did it out of necessity to live. In some cases undeniably society and circumstances creates this sort of people and then punish them. Where is justice then? Possibly the only way we can really see the "point" in this book is the danger in playing in God, and the consequences of the lack in forethought. In the first place, man was never created to create man, this was not natural order. probing into the unknown, meddling with the uncomprehensible force of this universe(be it evil or good) is condemning oneself to a "damned" life. I believe in God, and that becoming Him, is an outright disobedience against His will.