View Full Version : Prophecy?...probably.

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I consider this book required reading. '1984' has proved enourmously valuable to elite<br>power structures and policy planners. Many websites are dedicated to analyzing 'newspeak'<br>more commonly referred to today as 'spin'. The US government unironically uses 'newspeak' every<br>day (e.g. PATRIOT Act, Operation Enduring Freedom, unending War on Terror). I'm sure<br>other governments do it as well. All readers can take something from this book, though, the<br>free-thinking among us may do well to RE-READ the book in order to better understand 'Big Brother',<br>Winston, and the Proles. Perhaps the Achille's Heal of Oceania will be discovered and exploited<br>by a 'Winston' of Generation-X-Y-Z. I guess it comes down to your own personal vision of humanity.<br>Ask yourself: How can the world of '1984' be avoided? My last comment is this.<br>This book shows us a fictional dark path, which is fast becoming a reality: choose your sides.