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some german student
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
My psychology teacher told me to write an essay on 1984. At the moment i have read it twice and can't make up my mind, sometimes it seems to be clear what orwell wanted to say in his book but some parts again don't make any sense to me. i am convinced that it was not orwells original plan to warn us about technology more i think he wanted us to show how dangerous we are. i mean that every human being can make a difference. People should think about their circumstances and about what they are doing and not destroying the world by being selfish and egoistic. at one point in the book he winston says something like "when you are in pain you don't fight against the cause of the pain you fight against your body". In my mind a wolrd like 1984 could not have existed we would not be egoistic, i mean if winston really wanted fight and win against the inner party he should have let the rats eat his face because in this moment when he dies he would have won, i think thats about what o'brian said because he said the party lets their victim die only healed means convinced they are on their side but this wasn't the fact with winston. if he would not have been selfish he could have won. <br>the most horrible describtion in this bool was how winston stole the last choclate piece from his sister. it was so egoistic that i frowned in the moment i read it and was so shocked. he killed his sister for one small piece more.<br>all in all i would say it is nice to be at the top but it is lonely maybe thats our hope.