View Full Version : We're stupid

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
That's right. We're stupid. And lazy. We live in a static society where even the new generations don't have the energy to change things. In the '70s, if you erupted into a classroom and said: "There's a demonstration for (whatever cause) down the street. Let's go!", half the class, including the teacher, would join in. Try that now, and you'll get laughed at. <br><br>1984 isn't just a prediction of what totalitarianism would be like. !984 is also a call to the readers. "Don't let others think for yourselves! Don't stay static. Make our society evolve!"<br><br>Some of you may scoff and say: "Society will evolve on its own. I don't need to do anything." You're absolutely wrong if you think that.<br><br>A sad thing is that people only try to change society for their own benefit. All the peasants who rebelled against the French monarchy during the French Revolution expected to be fed more. People nowadays don't change society to make it better. They change it for their own benefits.<br><br>Please e-mail me for any comments, questions or suggestions