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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I had to read 1984 for part of my A Level English Literature course, I do not usually read sci-fi type books and found it to begin with hard going. Once I had got into the book was amazing, so disturbingly believable. This dystopian literature is crafted brilliantly to present the total opposite of a perfect world by going to frightening extremes that are still in the grasp of the readers’ imagination. I personally found this the most enchanting part of the book was the form of the friendship between Julia and Winston, these real human emotions displayed by the two characters in a world of rules and control methods make the reader believe not all hope is lost. The ending left me feeling empty, this secret belief in my mind that some how good must triumph and evil is destroyed but my illusion is shattered. This adds a lot of power to the book. I have found this book one of the most interesting i have had to study so far in my course and glad that my course has diversified my reading.