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chris mon
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
When applying this story to real life, it seems too easy to make vague generalizations about our society by condemning our government or believing the government is watching us with an intricate system of surveillance cameras. Orwell did not intend to predict what civilization would literally be like today, but his intent was to predict what we as human beings would become.<br><br> I would have to say that the disrespect that young people show towards their parents and elders today is quite high (not to the point of turning in ones parents for thoughtcrime or facecrime, but it's getting worse). <br> At the time the book was written their was a hysteria concerning the evil of communism and communists invading America. People who didn't like the government or what the government did were suspected of being communists! Many were even forced to testify at military tribunals, pressured to give out names of so-called "communists" that they knew of (remind you of the Salem witch trials?). This suspicion of rebels and hate towards them is obviously apparent in the book, especially during the Hate sessions.<br> <br>One last thing. I have heard before that the society that Orwell creates is terrible; so terrible that it is hard to imagine. But where did it start to go wrong? Was it when we invented the atomic bomb? Or when the Japanese first invaded China? Or when Europeans took away Native American lands? No,no,no. Clearly, an event in human history is not why our society becomes corrupt. Rather it has to do with the internal workings of each human being. Hate, fear, lust,etc., are in constant battle with love, peace, and good works every day inside of every person. The fate of society will rest on which side,good or evil, will win the battle of that person, and which side has the majority of people. If our world becomes what Orwell described it would be, then good will be the minority, and its followers will be persecuted by the evil majority. <br> <br><br>