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Charles Laffard Bilkes
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
My Mom took me to see Animals Farm at the local labour club (I was only 12 years old). Pigs and other pig like animals ruling the roost (though not actually the rooster who developed a mishapen complex and slowly faltered).<br><br>Reading 1984 changed my life. Books change you life in certain aspects (though funnily enough not your sense of laudable attire). Winston was a character who eventually behaved like a shizophrenic resident of any decrepid bus stop you find yourself at once the milk factories are closed. This sense of reliance on our so-called faltering reality cloves relalistically proves likewise to the abundance of pensive ineptitude. Where were the local referances to Thatcher, Frankie Goes..., and bubonic space invader machines? Not as thorough as the literary golfers make out.<br><br>Read it twice and then try and summarise this in a small pond like garden - what does that tell us about government control and expanding emancipation from the proletaire spices?<br><br>Fantastic if not a little flawed, frayed and like your long lost siamese twin - helpless at nullifying your tremendous burst of language grass.<br><br>Charles Laffard Bilkes.<br><br>Manchester Metropolitan University<br><br>4th May 2002<br><br>