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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Imagine being trapped in an existence in which the future, in its bleak, oppressive state, is more concrete than the past. Privacy is non-existent. Free-will is denied. And on an official's whim, a person could be arrested and put through the most agonizing, defacing torture known to man. Contradictions and lies are the founding beliefs of such a society. Daughter turns against mother, friend against friend, as the only binding forces between a populace are perpetuated: hatred of all things unorthodox and a compelled servitude to a leader whose ubiquitous eyes pierce through the hollow cavity of their souls. Welcome to George Orwell's vision of 1984.<br><br>Bound within the pages of this modest book is a frightening tale of a utopia gone wrong. A series of plot-twists, agonizing suspense, and grim demeanors leave the reader clawing onto his grasp of the present and questioning his fundamental beliefs of existence beyond the domain of one's mind.<br><br>The complexity of this novel can even be seen in its classification: a science-fiction book that may one day touch a realm of science-fact, a thriller, a horror, a myster, but beyon danything, a piece of writing bound by the blood-curdling fringes of reality. Once caught in the spell of 1984, a person is helpless but to submit his will into a captivating worl dof madness. I can testify beyond a reasonalbe doubt that millions, upon the completion of this novel, were overjoyed to be alive beyon dthe confines of Ingsoc's authoritative rule.<br><br>While most certainly an impressive piece of literature, 1984 is not for everyone. I would recommend this book to the philosopher, the lover of untangling rudimentary principles of government, and anyone on a quest for universal truth. The reader must be able to come to terms with an ending that deviates from a pleasant resolution. He also must be willing to endure a few slow passages in order to truly get involved in the book. Readin 1984 is a journey that will answer questions lurking in the back of one's mind that he may otherwise desire to be left unanswered.<br><br>I have gained a great amout of insight upon the completion of 1984. Whether I like the book or not is of no consequence; I am changed by having read it. A sign of a powerful book is one that can make a person question his identity and purpose of life. I will forever be haunted by the knowledge that, for a brief moment, I had a deranged appreciation for Big Brother.