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Pvt. Rakestraw
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
as a lover of all genres of books, movies, tales and adventures i would have expected much better from the reviews i read. reading this book in the 2003 horrible to me. I am supposed to imagine an overly dramatic extreme world, full of mind control and memory erasing. honestly this is easy and it could be intersting givin' the right atmosphere; however, this book takes place in the future, twenty years ago and includes people that "never had a preasant but were created a past" how screwed up is that? this is not a rant against orwell it is just a rant against the dated book. had i read it when it was written i'd probably be shaking and congratulated him. <br>lastly i leave you all a word of advice, don't read this book read farenheit 451 instead.